Highrise is looking to contract an experienced Android Developer to build our upcoming Android app. You’ll be working closely with our team to create a native app resembling functionality in our iOS app, but with an experience familiar to Android. We expect the project to last about 2 months (based on the development time for our iOS.)


  • You’ve experienced the native Android development cycle from scratch through shipping in the Play Store to support.
  • You care about details that make a delightful user experience
  • You have a basic understanding of Objective-C/CocoaTouch (since a lot can be gleaned from our iOS app codebase.)
  • You’re fluent in English and have solid communication skills.
  • You’re a resident of the United States.
  • You can work from anywhere. Highrise is headquartered in Chicago, but our entire team works remotely. Work from wherever you are comfortable.

If you’re interested, send an email to jointheteam+android@highrisehq.com and include links to the apps you’ve built and your GitHub username.

We look forward to hearing from you!

More about us:

Highrise is a super simple CRM tool, built by 37signals/Basecamp and launched on March 20, 2007. It’s grown to become a multi-million dollar business with a strong, loyal customer base. In August 2014, Highrise left the nest, and was spun-off as its own company - a very welcome change for Highrise users, as our users now have their own dedicated development and support team.

We have a small team that is furiously improving an already well-used application. A lot of people are going to depend on you for help.

You can see what our customers say about us (https://highrisehq.com/love/) and why we work (https://highrisehq.com/about/) on Highrise.

Our current team:

Nathan Kontny, CEO Software engineer and designer for 15 years. Began an entrepreneurial career with two Y Combinator backed startups: Inkling (http://inklingmarkets.com) in 2005 and Draft (http://draftin.com) in 2011. Also was an engineer on President Obama’s re-election campaign. One of the best ways to get to know Nathan is his writing on Signal V. Noise and Ninjas and Robots.

Michael Dwan, CTO Michael is a Y Combinator alum and the engineer behind creating an awesome photo application called Snapjoy. Snapjoy was quickly acquired by Dropbox, and you’ll see his handiwork all over what Dropbox has done with Carousel and photo storage.

Lynette Kontny, COO You’ll see Lynette’s work all over Highrise. She makes sure we’re all on the same page and getting the right things done quickly.

Jon Phenow, Software Engineer Jon is a big reason Highrise continues to improve at a rapid pace. He juggles multiple projects at a time and makes Highrise more useful every day.

Grant Blakeman, Software Engineer and Designer If you’ve noticed Highrise is more visually appealing and easy-to use lately, it’s because of Grant. He’s constantly working to improve the look and feel of Highrise.

Chris Gallo, Head of Customer Support You’ll hear from Chris if you need help with Highrise. Chris knows how to communicate and how to help fast.

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