About Harvest

Ten years ago, we were a small web design studio looking for better time tracking software. We couldn’t find one, so we designed and built our own tool. One that combines great design and awesome technology. One that is useful, usable, and well-crafted.

Today, Harvest is a world-leading time tracking application. Self-funded and profitable, we have tracked well over 400 million hours for amazing businesses from over 100 countries. We remain a small and focused company, expanding our team only when absolutely necessary.

About You

You are comfortable identifying weaknesses in: application code, boundaries between applications, risk assessments, processes, and human-to-human conversations. Looking at an application, you feel comfortable planning and conducting targeted penetration tests. It’s not unusual for you to put together a pull request to fix a problem you’ve discovered. Open communication with your coworkers is important to you. You seek to educate and enable, not battle and block. After all, that’s how you’d prefer others to treat you.

About Us

We’ll work together to make security a primary part of our decision making process. Harvest has been distributed from day one and you will feel like part of the Harvest family no matter where you live. Everyone has a voice and the power to make decisions that impact our customers and our teammates.

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