Do you have a passion for building great user experiences? Do you like using the latest and greatest tools to ship and iterate quickly. We are looking for engineers to help us expand our customer success infrastructure team. This team builds a variety of different projects such as the software that runs our documentation site ( and the Auth0 support center (

We are looking for somebody who can help us continually improve these apps by adding new and innovative experiences that will help customers learn and use Auth0. We develop our projects using node.js, hapi, express, react, fluxible, and redux. We are Javascript heavy team and building quality features quickly is what drives us.

This role will offer you a lot of freedom. We like engineers who can come up with innovative and creative solutions to problems. This might mean anything from improving the performance or maintainability of some code or to tweaking some UI to give the customer a better experience.

The areas you will focus on are:
  • Building Great Customer Experiences - Everything our team builds is used every day by Auth0 customers. You will be responsible for shipping enhancements to our documentation site. This could be simple things like implementing a redesign of a page or changing some navigation or something more complicated like building an interactive tutorial experience (this is something we want to do).
  • Support Content Contributors - As our team grows we are publishing more and more content. Making improvements to the content publishing process can have a direct impact on our customer’s experience. You will work to give our writers and contributors more and better tools to help them create better content. This might mean adding new UI components (via a markdown extension) or writing tests to catch mistakes before they go public.
  • Make Data Driven Improvements - At Auth0 we like to measure everything. You should have a mind for instrumenting code and measuring outcomes. This means testing different UI to see which leads to more desired outcomes and making frequent improvements based on the data. We are always striving to be better and you will drive that in your apps.

Attributes we care about:
  • Motivated - You are excited to build new software. It doesn’t matter if it is front-end, backend, tests, or even maybe a build script. You get it done and you do your job well. You like learning new skills and applying your existing skills to make things happen.
  • Completionist - You ship code. Getting a feature out to our customers today is better than getting it out tomorrow. You should drive to ship each and every day. You should have a history of shipping.
  • Detail Oriented - Details matter at Auth0. You will be writing code and building experiences that our customers use every day. You should care about making sure a job is done right and done well.

Technical Skills:
  • Experience with Node.js (hapi/express)
  • Experience building complex web applications - we use React for many projects right now, you don’t necessarily have to know React, but you should understand the web and have experience with some framework like Angular, etc.
  • UX skills - we don’t expect you to be an expert designer (we have those), but you should be able to use our styleguide ( and create something that looks great. You need to be able to use CSS effectively to implement a nice experience.

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Node.js/React Engineer Application

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