As SEO Content Writer, you will be responsible for conceiving, creating, and executing high-impact content strategies for multiple brands. Your primary focus is on creating helpful content (blog posts, videos, eBooks, white papers, emails, infographics, webinars, and more) that will generate new organic traffic while adding tremendous value for existing customers. A strong candidate will have a broad experience across multiple content channels with a proven track record of high-impact content campaigns.

Responsibilities Include: 
  • SEO Keyword Research and content keyword optimization
  • Identify content topics and themes that would be directly helpful to customers and grow the top of the funnel
  • Create several free resources every month to generate new leads, subscribers, and general awareness
  • Work with design, development, and strategic team members to outline and execute content plans
  • Create landing page copy, email copy, blog posts and more with different voices and calls to action
  • Outline and execute an editorial calendar for several companies, and align with other strategic initiatives
  • Optimize content distribution to ensure maximum exposure of new content as well as delivering content at the right time in the customer journey

Desired Skills
  • 5+ years in copywriting, SEO, or content creation
  • Experience in multichannel content creation
  • Ability to define and manage goals across different companies, channels, and geographic locations
  • Deep understanding of Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Crazy Egg, or other user analytics tools to inform content strategy

  • Experience selling on Amazon
  • Deep knowledge of SEO and keyword research
  • Ability to communicate virtually with a diverse group of people around the world
  • Data-driven approach to content strategy and quantifying ROI on content initiatives

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