This is a remote, freelance/project based position.

Seek Proven Growth Hacker / Viral Product Launch Marketing Specialist

We are nearing completion of our first product release for a B2B SaaS / Mobile platform designed to radically improve the speed, innovation, and agility of digital product development teams working inside traditional large companies.  We want our launch to go viral and bypass the more common Enterprise sales approach (expensive and long sales cycles, etc.).

Your Background
You must eat, drink, and live the life of a viral product launch specialist... That means you know your way in and out of the following:

Guerilla Tactics for Engaging and Leveraging the Following Product Launch Communities:
Product Hunt
Hacker News

Building Influencer Pre-Launch Networks
   -Exploit Linkedin for Building Visibility and Recruiting Influencers
   -Exploit Twitter for Building Demand, Curiosity, and Recruiting Influencers
   -Recruiting and Onboard Influential Bloggers
   -Evaluate Relevance of CrownSourcing Platforms... if relevant, execute

Viral Messaging
Help Write and Execute Messaging for Launch Site,  Social Channel Engagement, PR, etc.
Help Write Explainer Video Scripts

Help Guide the Decisions Around
    Help deicide on Fast Sign-Up vs Considered Sign-up
    Requests for Access to Beta
    Freemium vs Concierge Onboarding

You should bring other killer ideas besides those listed above that are proven and potentially useful to our launch

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Viral Product / MVP Launch Ninja Marketing Specialist Application

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