Howdy howdy! It's that time again - time to find the next person to continue making Devschool, the best online coding bootcamp in 2016! This time around we need a designer that wants to get shit done, not just push pixels around for hours with no goal in mind.

To start, you will take our website to the next level, taking 'ugly' sections like the elective pills, and making them nice. You get to work from home, and we could care less if you do your work while smoking on a bong or vape, or for the matter, drinking a whiskey or scotch. Do the job in your underwear if that is what makes you creative.

To start, this is only part time, however, prove yourself to be one of the 'gets shit done' types and we can easily ramp your hours to 35 hours a week!

What do we want to see? What skills do you need?

You should know that a huge percent of websites use the Canvas template. Your designs done in photoshop or other pro tool should be easily converted to html/css. The right person for this job will be responsible for not just the photoshop work, but also the html/css aspect. We also use bootstrap to produce responsive designs.

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Part Time Web Designer (20 hours/wk) Application

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