Web/Software Development Instructor - VIM/JAVASCRIPT/NODE/RUBY/RAILS

Devschool school is looking for an expert Rails & JavaScript Programmer with at least 10 years of professional programming experience. The idea candidate is a seasoned developer who has worked as both a corporate programmer and as a consultant with a proven track-record. You should have had plenty of career-time to make a serious mess of things, and then some time to learn how to unmess all the things, and then a bit more to learn how to prevent the mess to begin with.

You need to have patience and kindness in abundance for our students to do this job. There are no 'loud egos' here shouting down at the students. Their job is to be ignorant, your job is to be a good ambassador of our school's spirit and good will and to rectify their ignorance with expertise and compassion.

About Devschool

We are a complete 180 on the traditional bootcamp model. We:

* are 100% online based
* have a 100% custom curriculum
* teach pair-programming by default
* teach by building real software
* teach VIM and the Command Line
* all use and love our Macs
* have a half dozen students waiting to enroll if we just found the right Instructor to join us!

Want more info about who you will be working with?


To qualify you MUST

* Love using Vi and use it daily
* Have at least 3 years writing node applications
* Have been a programmer for at least 10 years professionally
* Have spent at least 3 years as a consultant
* Have been writing JavaScript for at least 6 years
* Think Douglas Crockford is the bees knees of JavaScript
* Love and use the module pattern daily
* Think Closure is one of the most powerful constructs in programming
* Dislike constructors and therefore, this and new as well
* Think private methods are just fine the way they are
* Think map, filter, and reduce are the answer
* Dislike loops for most cases
* Think immutable, functional code is YUMMY
* Think Node is pretty awesome
* Have thick skin, a gentle heart, a mind for learning, and an ear for student concerns!

What do I get?

The job is a permenent independent contractor gig. If the students like you, we will keep renewing your 6 month contract.

The job pays *100,000/yr USD and we prefer it if you operate under an llc or some structure of your own.

You choose your own hours (for the most part) - School time is Central US Time

* 100,000/yr based on 40 hours a week

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Teach Students Ruby and JavaScript Online @ Devschool! $100k/yr Raw Application

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